Safety shoes new PPE regulations


Under the new PPE regulations we have recently been advised that the products we place on the market which are certified by notified bodies MUST be identical to that which are submitted under the technical file.

This means that any components of the boot have to be as they are described within the technical file which includes colour.

If the things such as linings are a different colour within the technical file to the boot we have received the boot cannot be sold within the market.

This includes things such as upgraded insoles, if a new insole is put into a style which is different to the technical file a new certificate will have to be applied for and the new insole will need including in the technical file.

If there are any changes of suppliers of the materials used within the footwear or the materials used are changed you must please tell us of the changes so that we can then have the new material tested and included within the technical file before the product is made.

Finally, all midsoles and toe caps must have the appropriate EN rating printed on them to state they have been tested by your supplier before being put into the safety footwear.

In addition, under the new PPE regulations all addresses found on the safety shoes product MUST match that of the certification.  The products need a printed declaration, which need to be included with every pair sold like a user information sheet.

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