From Upper to Sole,
A Step up for Industrial Safety & Comfort.

  • Upper

    Lightweight, environmentally friendly and chromium VI free materials.

  • Bump PU in PU toe part

    For better toe protection.

  • Toe cap

    Extra wide fitting, composite & lightweight material for energy level of 200 Joules.

  • Top cap rubber strip

    Provides extra toe protection & comfort.

  • Insole

    Foot-friendly insole for breathability & comfort.

  • Kevlar midsole

    Strong flex protection & anti penetration with anti-static lines & glue.

  • Reinforcement

    Non-woven fabric makes the whole shoe breathable.

  • Leather

    Chromium VI free & breathable.

  • Eyelet

    Strong plastic

  • Padding

    Highly elastic sponge for ankle protection.

  • Counter Part

    Anti-abrasion supported

  • Shoe

    Electrostatic discharge.

  • Sandwich Mesh

    Offering breathability & abrasion resistance.

  • Heel

    Stabilising heel & energy absorption.

  • Outsole

    Double density sole for long life & comfort.

  • Sole pattern

    Double density to achieve SRC.

Technologies & Highlighted Features

  • Eco Sustainable Materials


    Highly performing fabric,100% polyamide, it provides durability and excellent resistance to tears and punctures. Light, easy to maintain and quick to dry.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials


    From Tires to Soles: A century of relentless innovation has inspired the most advanced technical soles. Explore Soles by MICHELIN to see how we’re equipping the world’s leading footwear brands, so you can achieve peak performance.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials

    Poron XRD

    Poron XRD is a revolutionary breakthrough in Metatarsal Guard Technology. Using a proprietary foam material Poron XRD is so extremely lightweight and flexible.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials


    Mile after mile, Vibram high-performance rubber soles take on tough terrain with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance.The high-performance rubber soles for outdoor footwear provide power and stability on the trail.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials


    100% polyester ribbon with 100% polyester mono. All zips of our footwear are YKK, guarantee of long time resistance, smoothness and easy usage. They fit any type of application providing versatility and resistance to any stress.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials


    Electrical hazard (EH) rated safety boots are ISOLATING safety boots meaning they provide a secondary source of protection for you from electric shocks or electrocution.

  • Eco Sustainable Materials

    Eco Sustainable Materials

    All raw material components used in the manufacture of our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  • Sole of SRC Certified Slip Resistance

    SRC Certified Slip Resistance

    The SRC standard meets the requirements of both SRA and SRB. SRA tests on a ceramic tile/sodium lauryl sulphate, and SRB tests on steel floor/glycerol.

  • Wide Toe Cap

    Wide Toe Cap

    Wide toe safety shoes can give your feet real comfort for a full working day. Perfect for South American and African customers. It helps you increase your efficiency at work by allowing your feet to have the toe room to work comfortably without foot pain.

  • Breathable Shoe Reinforcement

    Breathable Shoe Reinforcement

    Most factories use EVA as reinforcement, which is much cheaper, but unbreathable. We use non-woven fabric reinforcement. It helps all uppers to be extremely breathable. Say goodbye to foot odor.

  • Techno Mesh Lining

    Techno Mesh Lining

    The breathable mesh keeps your feet dry and comfortable. As you walk, air is pushed and circulated through the fibers allowing the skin to breathe.

  • Breathable PU Insole

    Breathable PU Insole

    The moisture control system increases shock absorption; minimizes potential problems for backs, knees, and joints; improves foot hygiene; and ensures air breathability.

  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation

    3M Thinsulate Insulation

    Insulates against the cold. The thermally efficient insulation system seals in radiant body heat while allowing moisture to escape, so your feet stay warm and comfortable, not hot and sweaty.

  • GORE TEX Membrane

    GORE-TEX Membrane

    GORE-TEX membrane is a synthetic material designed to prevent water from penetrating the shoes when working in wet outdoor environment.

  • Stabilizing Heel

    Stabilizing Heel

    Improves stability, offers greater twist protection, and reduces risk of sprains on uneven ground.

  • BOA closure


    The BOA fit system replaces the need for traditional shoe laces, and allows easy one-handed lace tension with a quick turn of the instant release dial, ideal for a high intensity environment.

  • Lightweight materials for safety shoes


    Using smallest possible quantity of materials and the minimum thickness allowed by EN ISO 20345:2011. Liberate your feet from heavy, rigid footwear.

  • ESD feature of safety shoes


    Products certified according to the standard EN 20345:2011 for the protection of electronic devices from the danger of electrostatic charges. With electrostatic discharge ranging from 0.1MΩ to 100MΩ.

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