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Technologies to Improve Safety & Comfort

Germany Technology
Fully-Automatic Rotary Injection Machine

It helps to improve 30% for upper & outsole bond strength as the ABB roughing robot works precisely.

Safety shoes made of eco friendly materials

3M Thinsulate Insulation, Comfort Throughout the Day

The thermally efficient insulation system seals in radiant body heat while allowing moisture to escape, so that the wearer's feet stay warm and comfortable, not hot and sweaty, even after a long workday.

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Why Choose Jing Ye Safety Shoes

  • Manufacturing machines and workshop

    High-Quality Manufacturing

    The constant attention on materials, OEM/ODM services and manufacturing facilities are fulfilled by our advanced machines and experienced fabricators.

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  • Man testing product features

    Lab-Tested Safety Features

    Testing and data analytics make sure Jing Ye's safety shoes are of all the necessary characteristics to provide effective safety protection.

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  • Man undertaking quality control measures

    Certified Quality & Certifications

    Our certifications underpin the work the safety shoe business undertakes, to ensure our products and services meet or exceed European standards.

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Trusted by International Brands

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It's Jing Ye‘s mission to improve the safety of working people with our reliable safety footwear. In the past year, Jing Ye is capable of delivering 2.5 millions pairs of safety and protection for working people across industries and regions.

And we strive to protect more people by cooperating with international business partners with ever better OEM & ODM solutions.

Solid Footsteps:
It's All About Safe Life in Field

Safety Footwear for All Working Environments

  • Workers in the chemical industry
    Chemical Industry

    A great level of resistance to chemicals, oil, water and other impact.

    Chemical Industry

  • Workers in the construction & decoration industry
    Construction & Decoration

    Offering impact resistance and puncture resistance.

    Construction & Decoration

  • Man at the food serving counter
    Food Service

    Granted with a slip resistant rating SRC (SRA+SRB).

    Food Service

  • Working in the electricity industry
    Electricity Industry

    Providing electrical resistance ranging from 100 kΩ to 1000 MΩ.

    Electricity Industry

  • Workers in the mining industry

    Offering slip resistance, toe protection, heel energy absorption and puncture resistance.


  • Man in the oil & gas industry
    Oil & Gas

    Providing a great level of resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals.

    Oil & Gas

  • Men in the logistics & packaging industry
    Logistics & Packaging

    Toe protection, impact resistance and puncture resistance.

    Logistics & Packaging

  • Man on a snowy mountain
    Cold Environment

    Ensuring cold insulation for warm and comfy feet in cold climates.

    Cold Environment

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